A personal service

Webtique UK offers a personal, boutique style web hosting service for people who live in the UK.

Our servers are based right here in the UK. That's ideal for speed and your site's SEO.

A boutique approach

It's important to be personal. We are a team based in Wells, Somerset—and we want to know you and understand your business.

Rather than owning warehouses filled with telesales and interchangeable support staff, when you call you'll talk to the same people everytime. We'll know who you are, and be interested in you and what you do.

(And if you're ever in Wells we'd love to meet you for coffee.)

We're not looking to become the world's largest hosting company; we want to have a good relationship with our clients, provide an excellent, reliable service, and in order to protect this we're capping our client base to 250 people.

The response to our webhosting service has been excellent, and we're close to having to create a waiting list.

The cost is only £10 per month £5 for the first 12 months.

And then £10 thereafter

If you're ready to come on board, please email us.

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